Thursday, 5 November 2009

Elected Mayor debate, if that is what you call it that.

At last night Full Council Special meeting of the elected mayor or cabinet with leader situation the leader of the Labour and Tory's both agreed together, bless, that it was important that we have cabinet and leader situation. Did they both agreed, did they get together first and agree their talks? Interesting thought but I think they did. However they both agree that it would lessen the position of a Councillor. I disagree. I think that it will focus the Councillors on their Wards and to make sure that their Wards are being worked and represented rather than letting party politics getting in the way.

I believe that the Labour and Tories both want to keep the current system as it is a political party machine and I believe in my humble opinion that there is no place for party politics in Wigan local issues. Lets have councillors that represent their ward with no barriers and no restrictions.

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