Thursday, 19 November 2009

Where has Democracy Gone in Wigan?

Where has Democracy gone in Wigan? Last month a small number of people took part in whether to have an elected Mayor in Wigan or not. 81% said to have an elected mayor 19% said to keep the current system of Cabinet and Leader.

Tonight, the Labour cabinet has done it again. Last Week the Children's Scrutiny committee decided to keep Montrose school open. That decision went to the Labour Cabinet today and they voted against the Committee and shut the school. What on earth is going on? This just demonstrates that these talking shops of Scrutiny committees have no matter what they say or do the Cabinet will do what they want to I thought Labour kept saying we are listening to the people. Well if they are they don't care for what they are saying.

Cllr Gareth Fairhurst, said tonight "What a complete disgrace. Where is democracy in Wigan gone, two decisions in two months and the Labour Cabinet just ignore them both and also the people. The Labour Cabinet just do what they want with no regard to what other people say. It is about time that we have a complete overhaul of democracy in Wigan and that should begin with the leader of the Cabinet resigning. Is he for democracy or dictatorship because it sure looks clear to me which one he prefers."

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