Sunday, 23 June 2013

The week that ended.....23 June 2013

What a week! It started with a meeting on Monday night between opposition groups discussing their treatment that we all feel that we are having from the Council, including officers. The reason why we have an issue is that officers are meant to be impartial and unbiased but we feel that some are not. The meeting was not top secret but the press found out about it and they covered it. In my 7 years as a Cllr have I seen relations this bad before and I blame the head of the ship, the Chief Executive.


Next I have had numerous reports from parents about one particular child heading a gang are bullying other children out of school. They seem to have this sense that they cannot be touched out of school. Wrong! I have seen the child concerned and told him that I will stop his behaviour unless he decides to stop it first. The police are involved with at least one incident and if we have to go for an asbo, then so be it but this is Standish and not Platt Bridge and the community and myself will not tolerate it.

Standish High School Summer Concert

Wednesday night I was fortunate to attend Standish High school summer music performance. I am also a governor at the school. The concert was excellent and all the students played and sang really well. There was some outstanding performance too from a couple of them. Well done to all the students that took part. Standish has a history of outstanding musician  from here, including the Georgina Jackson, who I not only attended Standish High with but also played along side in The Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra and other bands. Georgina is playing in this years jazz festival in Wigan and well worth watching. Here is the link for further information.

Competitive Sports Day - Woodfold

Towards the end of the week I was again fortunate to have the pleasure of attending Woodfold Primary School sports day. This was not only a great day but the first competitive sports day too for a primary school and I believe other schools are watching this and set to follow the school. I am fully behind this and I think it is great that competitive sports day are brought back and well done to the head and staff there for re-introducing this.


I have had numerous complaints from residents about the state of the grass on Ashfield. The Council have said they have not cut it as short as they want to rest the fields for the football season. So much for them telling us it was for the residents. I am told that it will be cut again shortly.

New Business in the Village

It is always good to see a new business set up in the Village, especially when it is not a new take away. This weekend saw thebodyandbeautyclinic open up on Preston Road. Well done for that and good luck with your new venture.

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