Sunday, 30 June 2013

The week that ended......30 June 2013

The week started with me visiting the new youth zone and my full thoughts are here .Time will tell if it is worth the money or not. For me I am still cynical about it but if I am wrong it wouldn't be too bad.

Also we have another planning application in for another supermarket. The planning app for this is on Wigan council web site and a link is here . Also we have some communications that a developer is wanting to build another 130 houses in Standish and my comments on both are here, under the heading Standish under attack.

On Wednesday night I attended the call in meeting for the Council's Cabinet decision to allow approximate 1000 houses in Standish. It was clear that the Labour Chairman didn't like the fact that I had call the decision in, which meant I was happy with it, and then it was clear he wanted to try and stifle debate from me but allow others to try and muddy the water. The thing is that he can't get away from the fact the Council are looking to allow approximate 1000 houses in Standish and the people will not forget this. All Labour and Conservatives Cllrs voted to build 1000's of new houses in Standish and Lowton and Golborne. Disgraceful! With that decision allowed we will have to wait for the planning inspector final decision, which is due out in July 2013.

Today I visited the Daddy Duck race at the investment centre and it was great to see so many there and so much raised for the cause and I think Corey should be on the bbc show apprentice with his selling skills, Brilliant, he certainly wasn't frightened to keep asking people to buy the wristbands. Well done Corey, what a great idea you had thinking of this.

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