Sunday, 2 June 2013

The week ending......2 June 2013.

Biggest Issue this week Domino's

I guess the main issue this week was our new occupant, Domino's Pizza, that opened in the old ATS Garage. Whilst some may not like yet another takeaway opening up I had more reasons for not liking this opening. This was because I had objected to this outlet in the planning stage. One of my main reasons was on safety fears. At the front of the shop is a zebra crossing. I knew that cars would pull up and pick up their orders or their drivers would use the front of the shop to go and collect their next delivery's. Not even I could have imagined the chaos that has now started. I posted some pictures on the blog earlier this week. You can see them here. You can clearly see that my worst fears have come true but also the pavement is being blocked and people walking on the footpath have to walk in the road. This simply can't go on and both myself and Cllr George Fairhurst have put serious pressure now firmly on the Council. Why? Because we told them what would happen they chose to ignore it and grant planning permission. The Council have now seen the problem and are looking to take action. I am calling for barriers to be erected at the side of the zebra crossing to protect people on the Zebra Crossing and also enforcement measure for those that park on the pavement.

I know this is an issue not only I have with but hundreds of residents. Whilst Cllr George Fairhurst and myself have been in the village residents have made comments to us about it. Residents have sent emails, their own pictures and comments on social media too. The post that I wrote about here is now the second highest post that has been viewed, this is behind Save Ashfield, on the blog. It is clear that people have read the post and shared it with others.

We are demanding the Council to take action in this issue as safety cannot be put at risk for a slice of pizza.

Save Standish

The Save Standish issue rumbles on and we are hoping to have our draft back from our legal and planning experts by the end of this week, but what is becoming clear is the Council are looking likely to agree to the 1000 houses for Standish. In the past they have said they are with us and against the houses but they feel they can't fight the Government Planning Inspector. One senior official in the Council said, "If we have to sacrifice Standish to allow us have our plan everywhere else in the borough, then so be it." This is wrong! Standish is not a lamb that can be sacrificed, not least by the Council.

I will speaking on the matter this coming week at a Scrutiny meeting that I sit on in the Council.

Break Ins

Shed and garages break ins are on the increase with growing numbers in Standish. Police are aware of the situation and asking residents to keep the shed and garages doors locked, even in daylight. In the main they are happening during the night but some in the day by opportunist thieves.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour has been increasing from youths in Standish, this may not be to much of a surprise given that we are getting longer daylight hours but we are asking residents to report any to us and the police and I will make sure we tackle this.

Drug use has been identified as well in and near St Wildfrid's church yard and this is a concern that I want the police to focus on to stamp out ASAP.


  1. We've become increasingly used to the fact that Wigan Council doesn't regard itself as having any responsibility towards maintaining the character or amenity of Standish, but it is remarkably short-sighted even by their standards to believe that Standish *can* be sacrificed without compromising the rest of the borough.

    It's very hard to make a case that opening up more green sites on the edge of the borough will do anything to support the regeneration of other areas that the Council has previously promised. More importantly though, adding to the congestion and traffic chaos in Standish is increasingly choking off the most significant arterial route into Wigan town centre itself. The simple truth is that the longer the traffic queues grow (a problem that will be further exacerbated by the ridiculous 20mph scheme), the less attractive Wigan becomes to visitors and consequently, the less desirable it seems to retail and other commercial ventures.

    In their desperation to snub an area that is less sympathetic to the Council's political standpoint and their willingness to put the desires of developers ahead of those of constituents, Wigan Council risks causing irreparable damage not just to Standish, but to the long term prospects for the borough.

  2. I agree completely with your comments Martin, well said.


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