Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wigan Council new rules - gag and block the opposition Cllrs.

I have always said that Wigan Council hates opposition and democracy. Or should I change it to they like democracy when they win but when the people elect someone other than Labour they don't. But even after that point and opposition Cllrs get in the Town Hall the officers should treat ALL Cllrs the same.

Now the Council officers are blatantly being politically biased towards the ruling group and I feel that this is being directed by the Chief Executive of the Council. I qualify my remarks by in the last week a Lib Dem Cllr did something stupid by doctoring an email to try and prove that the treatment of politically bias was happening. Why he did this I have no idea. Was it stupid? Of the highest order, however he probably did it out of frustration of the treatment that we get as opposition.

The Chief Executive had a meeting with him and said that she should protect the officer who's email he doctored and tried to implicate. I agree with this, however I did say to her don't go over the top. Well she has completely ignored this and proved, to me, that she is out to get opposition Cllrs.

First of all she sent an email to all 75 Cllrs and others about the issue. Previously it was only about 6 people who knew about it, now she is telling the world. She also tells the Cllr that she will make sure it gets in the press. I did not hear this but it is the word of the Cllr concerned and I believe him. These two last actions where a bit close to the line but then the Chief Executive photocopied the article that had been in the press, and sent a letter out with the article. To me this just proves that she is on a witch hunt.

I believe she is on a witch hunt towards opposition elected Cllr's. She also has reported the Lib Dem Cllr to the police. It is not against the law to be stupid and to me she was just wasting police time yet again. I say again as she reported me to the police over nothing and wasted thousands of tax payers of pounds. What happened? Nothing! The police didn't even ring me or come round to interview me and this will happen here in this case. A serious case of wasting police time.

Now the final straw is she has block all opposition Cllrs from seeing officers of the Council unless you book an appointment first. Also she has blocked all access to the second and third floors of the Town Hall, where the officers are. As an elected member we need access to the Town Hall and officers, yet Labour Cllrs are allowed this access.

As opposition we are taking legal advice and also at the next full council meeting I will be putting a motion to start the removal of the Chief Executive on the grounds she is political biased.

In the last 12 months she has threatened numerous opposition Cllrs with legal action, including myself and she has not carried out any. Why? Because there is no legal case to answer but by reporting it to the Police she can try and get some headlines. Also she has reported opposition Clls to the standards committee and the police. It will be interesting if any internal investigation find any opposition Cllrs guilty of any wrong doing. If not, which I suspect, then she will have wasted yet more taxpayers money and resources.

Watch this space for more!

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  1. More power to you guys. Its not just the oppo and indy Councillors sick to the back teeth of this corruption and the secrecy by which the unincorporated corporation known as Wigan Council operates. Its the growing numbers of awakened people of Wigan Borough too. Perhaps you would do well to ask for the constituting instruments for Wigan Council (WBC has a Constitution and Grant of Arms and a Royal Charter) and proof of their alleged authority over the good and decent people of this Borough?

    You guys are experiencing what many Inhabitants experie3nce when they also ask troublesome questions. check out Freedom of Information requests to WMBC made through www.whatdotheyknow.com and we have to wonder.....what are they trying to hide? The fact that Wigan Council has no de jure authority at all? Do your own due diligence, my friend...


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