Sunday, 16 June 2013

The week ending....16 June 2013.

Well to all dads out there I hope you are having a great Father's Day. I was treated to breakfast in bed by my kids, so thanks for that.

On the week that has just past numerous issues going on.

Friday saw the close of the consultation for the Core Strategy. Both myself and Cllr GA Fairhurst objected to the 1000 houses in Standish and supported the Save Standish Groups objection. We will have to wait for the planning inspector conclusions to see what he thinks.

You will see more about this next week but the Council wanted to put a response into the consultation. In this it agreed for approximate 1000 houses, what do they mean here? 1000 isn't the maximum? Because the Ruling Labour group agree something I can call it in within 5 days to look and scrutinise the decision. This is what I have done but because Labour left it till the last minute and I want to debate this then they missed the deadline for putting a response in.  We knew the deadline and the Council has more resources than us but yet they can't manage a deadline, yet more incompetence from this Labour run Council.

For a few weeks I have been asking for a report that Labour have seen and commissioned on Haigh Hall. I hear that they are looking to lease it out to a private company. But the Council say I can't see the report because it is a need to know basis and I don't need to know. What a disgrace! What the Chief Executive fails to understand is I am democratically elected by the people unlike her who is merely selected by Labour.

For those that follow me on Twitter I have had a conversation about the new youth zone here.

Earlier in the week I met with a manager from the Council on site at Dominos and showed them the concerns we have and pushed for the barriers. He is now looking at the matter but importantly he agrees that we should look at getting barriers.

On Wednesday I met with residents about a house being built on Chorley Road. I am against this because it is garden grabbing. This is where a developer has bought a house and it has a side garden and they are trying to crowbar a house on the garden. It is completely out of keeping with the area and street. I have now discussed the matter with the planning dept.

Thursday saw me attending the Standish Community Forum, where I gave them the truth about the core strategy. They didn't say if they have opposed the 1000 houses in Standish.

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