Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Last night Save Standish update meeting

Last night saw an update meeting for Save Standish.

At the meeting we told residents that it is a bit of a waiting game in terms of the core strategy consultation. We are now waiting for the planning inspectorate's final recommendations. That is a key word it is only a recommendation but it is up to the Council to decide whether to accept them or refuse them or even tweak them. If they do the last option the planning inspectorate would have to approve if the plan is sound or not.

Some interesting comments and discussions where made last night. If the Core Strategy plan is either classed as unsound and cannot go ahead or something else happens to make the Council not have a plan the word on the street, by the Council, is that we go to the national planning guidelines however the safeguarded land will remain safeguarded till 2016 as the current LDF plan. That means whilst developers can have planning applications in and have them determined they wouldn't be able to build on them till 2017, by which time the Council will have sorted this mess out.

Residents decided the wanted to raise the profile of the campaign and on Friday 12th July 2013 between 4.30pm and 6pm residents will be travelling round the roads of Standish and this will probably cause disruption to cars travelling through.

Another thing is we have an inner group of residents who will be organising events in the future too.

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