Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Week that ended........7 July 2013

This week started with our residents meeting on Monday night at the Unity Club. More details about that night can be read here on a previous post. One thing for sure is residents are still up in arms about the situation and are now looking to start some direct action. If you want to know about the car demo please view the post here about it. We need as many residents to come out and drive round the village roads to create more chaos and show what our roads could look like. If any one doesn't want to drive they can come and stand by the road side to support the drivers going round. Please email if you are going to come and support the demo, just so we can manage numbers.

It is not only the major roads and junctions that are congested drivers are doing rat runs and trying to beat congestion and there is a great example here where cars are queued all the way down James Sq. These cars have cut through the estate so they can miss the busy congested junction at the top of Avondale Rd and Preston Rd.

Also another thing that came out of the meeting was residents wanted to be able to download the Save Standish poster and display it in their car windows and house windows too. They also wanted to download the response that we have put in for the consultation. I am pleased to announce you can do both on the home page of Save Standish website. So please feel free to print off a poster and display it.

Another step we have taken is trying to link up with other similar groups around the country, who are fighting similar campaigns. If we can get enough signatures we can try and get a debate in the house of commons to try and make policy to build on brown field sites before green open spaces and greenbelt land. You can sign the petition here.

Saturday morning saw a few residents meet at our surgery to discuss the demo and also a couple of people came in with personal problems which we will be dealing with.

Anti social behaviour is increasing in our area and this is getting worrying and I will be looking at ways to tackle this but one case of anti social behaviour has now been resolved and the person responsible dealt with by police. We will not tolerate anti social behaviour and will stamp down hard on this.

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