Thursday, 11 July 2013

MP's pay - It just doesn't make sense.

It is now being talked about MP's getting a pay rise. This would increase it by aprox £10k per year. There is much criticisms about this, rightly so, but hat is clear is that they are saying we will give them a pay rise but we will reduce some of their perks, including cutting meal expenses after 7.30pm in the house of commons

The whole issue is more of insulting because what IPSA, the independent remuneration body, is trying to do is the public doesn't like all these expenses so we will appease them by cutting this but at the same time we will give the MP's a pay rise so it  

I think that IPSA are really not only missing the point but also missing the public views and what they want.

I guess if someone is working in a high pay job and are working late they will either pay for their own meal or eat when at home. They wouldn't turn round to their employer and say we want a pay rise to pay for our evening meal. So why should MP's be different? As a Cllr, we too are entitled to an evening meal if we attend a meeting at night. I have never agreed with this and never taken one either in all my years as a Cllr. This should stop as well as MP's.

Surely MP's do the job because they want to do some good or put something back but to have their meals paid for is just wrong. No one in the public or private sector get this so why should they? Nor should they get a pay rise because they are losing some perks. The PM said we are all in this together and families have lost more than perks so why can't MP's lose their perks and come in line?

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