Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Royal Mail sell off is wrong!

Today, the Vince Cable is expected to announce the privatisation of the Royal Mail. This is wrong, in my opinion.

Whilst I am not against government's selling off assets that are non essential for day to day life, like airlines, I do believe that things that effect people's lives everyday should be owned by the public.

The Government have said that it will open up competition for postal services but that can't be said and demonstrated for the utilities companies like gas and electricity. So the Government would need to put forward a convincing argument why that has failed but this will work.

However, the world is changing and how many people send letters in the new electronic age? You only have to look at how much these prices have gone up for these services.

Whilst we might be OK in Standish some other rural areas will not have the competition as we might get here. That then makes it a postcode pottery for if people can get a good service for a good value. And whilst it doesn't effect delivery's in Standish area, I wouldn't have thought, if I am sending a letter to a friend in another part of the country that could mean my letter is effect if they live out in the sticks.

What seem to me to be the driving force is the Government can have a quick £2.5bn. Whilst the economy needs fixing and public finances need to be sort too it should be done at any cost to some vital services.

I hope either the Government changes it mind or some other force stops this from happening

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  1. How about a 24 hour general strike and maybe we can stop the privatisation of the NHS as well!


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