Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Standish High Pupils awards

I have attended Standish High School award ceremony for Yr 7 and Yr 8.awards this morning. I would like to congratulate all the pupils that received an award. Now that you have got there I am sure that your peers will be coming hot on your heels for these awards next year.

Also during the morning ceremony where some amazing performances. From music students, which truly where incredible and you will hopefully be learning more about that in the near future, to cheerleaders. There was the drama performances too and I guess full marks go to them for their bravery by using current teachers name for characters.

Also included was a section on students giving public specking. These were incredible where the students didn't use any notes. As an experienced public speaker myself it was good to see how other people do it and to see how a younger generation do it was inspiring too!

The cheer leaders group also did a performance which was mind blowing. The dedication from them during the performance was awesome. They have just come fourth in a national competition too which was a fantastic achievements. The high throws and death-defying drops show how much trust they place in each other.

As a Local Councillor you always want the best in your ward, the best roads, the best community and the best schools. Standish High has always been a good school and now that I have seen more as a local Cllr and a LEA governor it is clear that Standish is one of the best in the Borough, if not the best.

Well done to all the students at the school and the teachers and support staff.

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