Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Week ending.......14 July 2013

Bit of a quieter week this week but had some great high moments. Also one where Music is the theme.

On Wednesday I was fortunate to attend Standish High Award Ceremony for Yrs 7 and Yr 8. I attended not only as a school Governor but as a parent too. The awards where for a variety of things including attendance, highest achievers and highest improver. I was particular proud when my eldest son received his award, so well done to him and also all the other students. What was really good about this ceremony was the fact it just wasn't watching students get their awards but also to get a flavour for the talent at the school. This included music performances (Which truly where mind blowing,, public speaking ( which was very good ), dance (which was out of this world ), drama groups ( which was brave using real teachers for examples - but there was some very funny and good scenes with them ) and then cheerleading ( which were death defying with their high throws and falls ). There is more on the event here.

Later that day I attended a meeting with leaders of political groups on Wigan Council and the Mayor. This was about trying to improve things in the Council Chamber, as it can be very bad in there at times. I do believe the Mayor genuinely wants to improve things, but it is up to the Leaders of all groups to do it. I put some of my thoughts in there and we will see if that has much of an impact on Wednesday, when it is the Full Council meeting. I am not holding my breath as I am sure the Leader of the Labour party likes his members making personal jibs at opposition members, including someone's disability - Dyslexia - which I feel is shocking behaviour.

That evening I went along to Robin Park to support the students from Standish High in the Wigan Schools Pop and Rock festival. This was such a good event and really well organised. From the following day, at the same venue, was going to be the Wigan Jazz Festival, so with a professional stage and lighting set up, the schools where able to send one band to perform 3 numbers in a professional environment. The other students that went to watch could also attend a festival like venue listening to their band and other bands from other schools. I think it is fair to say all that attended thoroughly enjoyed it and again more talent from Wigan coming through. Again more about the event is here.

Thursday night I went along to the Wigan Jazz Festival opening night and watched the Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra, which I was once a member, and the Doncaster Jazz Orchestra. It was a really good concert and it was good to catch up with some old friends and watch the up and coming musicians from Wigan.

Many people know that Wigan creates some great Rugby stars but what might not be so widely known is that Wigan creates some amazing and talented Jazz musicians. The list is endless but includes people like Andy Prior, Malcolm Melling  Ashley Frohlick, David Hitchen, Richard Halliwell and the list goes on and on. But one of those particular talents was back in Wigan on Friday. I decided to take a few hours off and go and watch Georgina Jackson. George has to be one of the talented people I know. She is an amazing trumpeter player but also out of this world singer too. Check out her website here. It was good to see a student from Wigan doing so well.

Hopefully Wigan can continue to nurture these amazing talents.

Friday saw the Save Standish Car demonstration and it was good to see a well spirited event. With cars honking their horns and waving to the cars around was great. It is known that many drives stayed clear of the area knowing that it was going to be busy. Time spans where about 35 mins - 40m mins to travel from the bottom of Rectory Lane to the centre and also from the Almond Brook Hotel to the Centre. These times will be a lot longer if the proposed houses are built in Standish, food for thought. 

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