Friday, 12 July 2013

Georgina Jackson - great talent from Wigan

This afternoon I took a few hours off and headed off to Robin park to listen to the jazz sensation - Georgina Jackson. Many will know that I played in many bands in my younger years, including the Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra.

In the band there was loads of talented musicians. One of those talents was Georgina Bromilow. I played along side Georgina first in the swing band and also then the Wigan Youth jazz orchestra and the Northern Jazz Orchestra. Also I was in the same class as George, given that she is just a day younger than myself.

George was a fantastic lead trumpet player and then a vocalist. This afternoon she performed at the Wigan Jazz Festival. What a great way to spend a Friday lunch time, listening to George and the trio backing her. I have not seen George for a few years in person but I keep in touch with facebook messages. But it is good to see she is still the same hard working musician and not changed as a person. But she is a great leader too and how she handles the audience is great to see, including funny moments when someones phone went off just as she was about to play a Duke Ellington piece and she said that must be Duke Ellington saying he is stuck on the M1 and sends his apologises for not getting here. Also sharing some of her stories being in London.

It is really good to see how George has flourished into a jazz musician, both as a vocalist - capturing the right tone of the music and era and also as a trumpeter - still hitting the high notes. She sang numerous songs including some from her hew album. It is really good to see a local talent doing exceptional well in their field. We know Wigan has many Rugby stars but what might not be widely known is Wigan has produced some great Jazz musicians - including George.

To learn more about this local lass visit her web site here.

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