Friday, 30 October 2009

Busy Week

It has been a relative busy week hence no daily updates.

I have been involved with the Mesnes Playing Field where a Super Youth Club is being proposed. Like I have said I have met with Martin Ainscough the person who had the idea if this Club in Wigan and also Dave Whelan, who is also a major person behind this scheme. I like the commitment these two individuals with Mr Bill Ainscough have shown towards this but the location I have a problem with as as one resident has said this area is Wigans' Garden! I have proposed that the charity that has been set up to open this club look at and evaluate the old Town Hall Site.

At last week Overview and Scrutiny meeting it was declared that a decision had only been made in principle when the Council said at that same meeting no decision had been made as it could not have legally have done this. With this in mind I will be referring this to the district auditor next week so he can have a look at this.

Also I have been helping residents over trees that have over shadowing their property in Scholes and the Council are setting things in motion to get these trees removed all together and I will be speaking with the Council and the residents next week to finalise this issue.

All the damage bridge in Leyland Mill lane. This is were the tops have been damaged and are missing and I have asked the Council to get a quote to repair this and I will look to pay for this work out of Brighter Borough Fund.

Finally I have been putting the final steps in place to get the fence put up at the side of the Cherry Gardens and have the land cleaned up in the next beat it clean up which is in the next week or two.

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