Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Council to make 800 redundant

It has been announced that Wigan Council has admitted finally that due to financial conditions that they are looking to loss up to 800 jobs. They have not ruled out compulsory redundancy's. What I wonder and have asked, is out of the 800 how many of these people will be people on salary's over £50 000. I would guess that this is not going to be many and the fact that it will be lower paid officers of the Council who will suffer.

It also raises questions of the number of days that senior officers spend time working for Wigan Council. An example is the Chief Executive, who is a highly qualified person, but has spent a number of days working in London for the Civil Servants, and whilst the taxpayers of Wigan did not pick up the bill for her expenses they did not pick up her wages bill which is £200 000 a year approx.

Whilst I am sure that this could be part of her CPD and could help further her career the wages that Wigan Taxpayers pay her is significant and she does need to make sure that all her time is for Wigan unless she does this kind of work on holiday leave.

This is not a criticism on her as any one will look after their own interest first it is up to her employers, The Councillors should make sure that all senior officers devote all paid time to Wigan Taxpayers, surely that is not to much to ask.

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