Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hard Times ahead

I guess we all know that hard times are ahead and that at the last general election the two main parties had different ideas on how to tackle this.

The question many are now asking is are the Tories going to far? With bus drivers waiting till 20 October to see how much the public transport grants will be cut by they could be made redundant and bus services cut.

Wigan Council have announced up to 800 people being made redundant, I wonder is the real figure or is it the case that Labour are making more redundant to blame the tories.

With money going to be tight I am speaking to more and more saying that they may have to give up work as they can't afford to keep paying high fuel prices and wages going down in real terms, as all other costs are going up too, like food etc.

What every happens and no matter who fault it is you can better that time are going to get harder and I would predict going back into recession. This will be known as a double dip. I hope I am wrong but the second dip might be harder than the first but might be needed to get this debt down.

I wonder if there is nothing that can be put in place to stop ANY government putting us in this debt every again.

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