Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bt Election for Shevington Parish Council.

A casual seat as become available on Shevington Parish Council. An election has been called for on the 16th September 2010.

Many know me in the area and there are big problems with the Parish Council a number of residents have come to me and asked me to stand. I have told them that the Parish Councillors are up for election next May and they know this but as the next election in Wigan Central is only next May the residents have asked me to stand. I put this to the group and they all agree that this would be a good idea.

With Labour or the Tories not bothering to stand this can only be seen as they are not bothered about the Parish Council or the people of Shevington.

The Parish Council have put up the Parish Council Tax up by over 46% this year and the only people to fight this are residents, Cllr Debbie Fairhurst, who is calling for a referendum and myself. Now some might try and say he is standing for a body that they want to get rid of, Why? The answer is that I believe that the people of Shevington should have a say whether they want a Parish Council or not.

Another issue that residents find hard about the Parish Council is that it is not open or transparent and this needs to change. If elected I will be fighting for this to happen asap as well as asking the Parish Council to hold a referendum on whether the residents want the Parish Council or not. I believe that that is the right and decent thing that they should do for the residents of Shevington.


  1. please can you tell me if we have got a update on the Hesketh Arms Pub and Wainhomes, a friend of mine didn't know any of the problems raised and assumed that planning had been passed. She has recently nearly handed over £500 to secure one of the houses,and was told once planning has been approved if she wasn't happy with the deal she would then get her money back...... This could be years or even never!!! how many people will actually hand over their hard earned cash to these Property Companies/developers, Please advise if you have heard of the plans for this case.

  2. I have not heard anything about this. But as you are aware I am married to District Councillor Debbie Fairhust who is the Councillor on Wigan Council for Shevington, so I will ask her where this is up to. I know the hesketh is safe and will not be kocked down. I think the developers have now changed the plans as they cannot knock down the old pub. So with reference to the person giving over money, this is probably not the wisest of things to do as the house they have wanted as probably changed nowdue to Debbie and Ex cllr Angie Bland saving the pub.


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