Friday, 2 April 2010

Labour join the Torys in watching this Blog.

I have learnt today that senior Labour figures are watching this blog and running tell tales to the Council. Someone has told me something today that they knew of a letter from the Council to myself. They would have only known about this if they had been close to the source so yet confirmation that the Tory's, Labour and even the senior officials of the Council are taking an interest in this blog.

Whilst some of you that may not know the significance on this but it shows and demonstrates that they are keen to learn of what I am doing and getting involved with. They do this to try and trip me up to get me removed of the Council which they all continue to do.

If they want to get me out why not listen to the people of Wigan and work for them and get their trust back. But they think that that the smear campaign that they are planning is the answer.

No wonders the majority of people do not trust politicians and do not vote.

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