Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sometimes you just need to relax.

Whilst not only a councillor but am the party leader to I have been running round over the last few weeks with not only my Council duties but making sure that all the other candidates are in place and election material is done and sent to the printers.

So over the weekend I decided that with being so busy and it was going to get worse I would have a family weekend. Fantastic. A few outings and some quality time it suddenly came to me that I had not got my nominations papers filled in for me. With these being to be in for later this week I thought I would be running round. With a few quick calls I set out and got the papers signed which took all of 40 mins from leaving home to getting back home. But it was so interesting that people rang in saying that I had been to so and so house to get the papers signed and if I wanted I could go there and they would sign. It was really nice to know that there is m ore support out there than what I first thought. So thanks to all those that signed and wanted to sign.

But what came to me was if I had not relaxed would I have remembered, I hope I would. So if you are running round like I know many people are with their lives that just try and relax. It does help as I found out.

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