Saturday, 24 April 2010

Tory Candidate propose to go for people in Swinley to be taxed for having two cars.

At a recent residents meeting the topic was parking in Swinley. The Tory Candidate said that people with TWO or more cars should be taxed more for taking up more spaces on the road. This is bizarre. This is a person who says that he has lived in Swinley all his life and know what people want. When I speak to residents in the area being taxed more is not something they want.

If I am re elected I will make sure that the Tory or has he likes to be known, the official conservative candidate, ( why is there an unofficially one? Would not be the first time the torys fall out between themselves.)idea of taxing residents in Swinley more. The Tory's are out of touch.

A vote for Gareth would be a vote for lower tax not higher taxes.

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