Friday, 16 April 2010

Wigan Independent Conservatives set trend.

When we left the main Tory party and set up a local party, Wigan Independent Conservatives we did this just because we wanted to stick to local issue as main stream national party politics should not get in the way at a local level.

However what we did not realise was our thoughts would be emulated across the Country and there are now a number of Independents across the country and more being set up. I have had calls for months now from London, the south Coast, Bromsgrove, Sheffield and Lancaster. We have helped these set up and setting up and it just goes to show more and more want to keep national politics out at a local level.

In a press release Cllr gareth Fairhurst said, " It is great that our ideas and thoughts are more and more common in this day and age and shows that a new era is coming and that is local issues matter more than national party politics. If this continues we will have Independent Conservatives all over the country and Wigan was the birth place."

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