Thursday, 15 April 2010

Confused about the elections?

This year when you go to vote it will be slightly different. This is because the General Election is on the same day as the Local Election. So you will be given two different colour ballot papers. One will be for who you want to be your local councillor, who will be represent you in Wigan Town Hall. The other paper will be for the person who you want to represent you at the Houses of Commons. They would be your MP.

Now if you vote for a Labour candidate in the General Election you don't have to vote for a Labour Candidate at the Local Election. This is just an example you don't have to even vote at both elections. You can vote just for the local Councillor or just the MP you want.

Don't be fooled by this strategic move. Use you vote wisely. Vote for a candidate that works for you and not a national party at the local election.

Vote Gareth Fairhurst

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