Friday, 30 April 2010

Election update

With one week to go for the Election I can say what a fantastic reaction I have had.

In all parts of the Ward, Whitley, Swinley and Scholes some really good responses. I like to thank all those that I have met but it is not over yet. With just a couple of streets left now for the 2nd leaflet to go out, which I have posted on the blog, I have now getting the 3rd leaflet coming from the printers coming very soon.

At the Last Full Council it was clear that the Tories were "Rattled" because of the campaign that I have put out. But to be fair I think the Tories campaign is a disgrace. All that they have put out is just photo copy type a4 leaflets that quite frankly says nothing. The Tories have mass resources but yet this is the type of campaign that they do.

I have tried to put out a good colourful campaign and it is really good that residents in Swinley and Whitley have come out and asked if they can help with the next leaflet and get involved. This is good that people are obviously responding positively and also want to get involved in the Election but what happens after and join and help our party.

With that I am now going doing more leaflets and also got a meeting with senior officers over some major issues that are going on and I will post the results soon.

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