Friday, 8 January 2010

Councillor Call for Action - Mesnes Playing Field

Over the continuing issue of Mesnes Playing Field I have asked the Council to start a Councillor Call for action. This is new legislation were by a local Councillor can have more power, the words of the Government, and resolve issue.

I met with Council officials today who say that they will not allow a scrutiny on the matter as it will be resolved once and for all in the Planning Application and /or Village Green Application.

I asked what is the point of this new legislation and it was said, not in so many words, as yet more red tape. and there is always ways to resolve issues without doing this process. So with that in mind it looks clear that Wigan Council have yet again decided their own rules on this and are ignoring Government legislation. The question there is did this Government just introduce this legislation to say what they have done or is it Wigan Council looking at which laws they want to act on and which they do not.

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