Friday, 15 January 2010

Trees Cut Down at last

The residents of Regency Court have had some great news this week trees that where blighting their lives have been cut down. After many months of complaining about these trees that where growing to tall and cutting out light and branches growing over their balcony the now are much happy about the situation.

The trees where on Council land but for months the Council have insisted that the land that they where on was land that was leased to Upper Morris Street Club. The club kept saying this was not the case and the lines had to be looked at for which and where the land that was leased to them was. The Council last week accepted that the trees where, like Upper Morris Street had said, were not on the land that they leased but still remained on Council owned and maintained land. I asked the Council to do this at the earliest opportunity as the hold was the Council's fault and this was completed last week, even though the weather was quite severe.

I plan to get the area now tidied up. The residents are now really happy the issue has been resolved and looking forward to their new light and open space.

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