Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Grit Bins Ordered

There have been many request for grit bins. With demand high as you can probably imagine. The Council criteria is the bins can be installed near school, on dangerous corners or on streets with hills.

I have spoken with the Council and have now had two requests being looked at. The council cannot say they will 100% installed the bins until there have looked at the sites but initial agreements have been agreed. One on Ravenwood on the Whitley School old estate and one outside or near woodfield school. These bins will be able to be used for the streets that they service and hopefully people will not steal the grit out of these bins for their drives. The grit will be for the streets as I say.
The bins are now on order but could take up to 3 weeks to be delivered and installed. If the weather has gone or ended by then at least they will be installed for next winter if needed. I do not like being reactive, I would prefer proactive but I think it is safe to say no one thought this would be like it is.

If you think your street need or could benefit from a grit bin please let me know.

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