Thursday, 14 January 2010

Press Release of Mesnes Conservation Area Action Group. on last full council.

Last night i attended the Full Council Meeting at Wigan Town Hall, And what i witnessed was a total lack of Transparency in the Cabinets Decision Making Process regarding the proposed Mesnes Field Development, With a complete disregard to the views and input through debate from the majority of its rank-and-file Councillors who haven't got a clue on what's being discussed and decided in their name at the top table. The correct and proper place for this discussion was last nights Full Council Meeting, which was denied. Pre-Determined Commitments have already been made on behalf of this Council by the Cabinet Clique unbeknown to the rest of the council, and when Concerned Councillors request an Open Debate on this issue which is in the Publics Interest, Its then Suppressed and Stifled by the Council Leaders Iron Like Grip over his majority Quaking-in-their-Boots-Flock with his ability to subdue by personal influence. You wouldn't have believed that this sort of thing would go on in the Mother of all Democracies', people thought that this type of Government was confined to the history books and was more akin to the Eastern Bloc, Pre-war Europe or a Third World Banana Republic and not a Four Star Council of 2010. Democracy is Dead and Dictatorship Rules in Wigan O.K. Kind regards Ian Bryant...on behalf of the Mesnes Conservation Area Action Group

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