Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tory's score a home goal at last night council meeting.

At last night Council meeting Labour agreed to sign up to the 10 10 campaign. This is fundamentally looking at reducing carbon emissions by 10% The Tory's said that this was a nonsense as there was no real way of knowing what the 10% equates too.

However the Tory Leader said that Climate change was not happening and it was basically a load of rubbish and we should all just get one with it. What's strange about this is the Tory logo has been replaced by a tree and go green. David Cameron first big speech as new leader of the Tory Party was about tackling climate change. He even cycles to the houses of commons, all be it with his car behind him with his shoes and briefcase in it. Well riding his bike is good for the pr stunt anyway.

What Labour did was mention this where the main party is saying one thing and the Tory's in Wigan another. Sounds like a split party to me!

I have put a link below for anyone wanting to know about the 10:10 campaign

What is even more surprising is the the Tory party I have just found out actually strong support this very campaign that the Tory's are a split party.

He is what the shadow energy secretary, Greg Clark, had to say: "Conservatives strongly support this campaign. Once again it shows how voluntary action can show the way, proving that a low-carbon future is an essential, achievable and urgent priority." Source The Guardian. Link:

Another quote is, " The pledge comes as the Conservative party throws its weight behind the 10:10 campaign"


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