Thursday, 14 January 2010

Last Night Full Council

Well what can I say? Where do I start? Farce could be a good start I guess. I put a motion to the meeting over the boys and girls club. This was just simply to discuss the issue and talk about the use of the field. As soon as the item came up the Labour Leader of the Council jumped up and asked not to debate the motion. I was asked by the Mayor if I agreed, No way. We then had a 10 minute debate on whether we should debate the debate, bizarre.

What does the leader of the Council have to hide? What is he not telling Council or the people of Wigan. Why will he not be open and transparent. And how many times have we heard Labour say they need to listen more to the people.

The Tories at last supported me on the issue but for what reason? Cllr Peet Tory councillor said we should debate the issue because there were people in the gallery. The residents after the meeting said something interesting. If we we not in the gallery would she have asked to discuss the item? Interesting just shows that they Tories are scared to and if it were not for the residents they feel that they would have not gone with me.

I will be looking at other options and will report once we know what is next.

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