Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wigan Council now write what staff think on the Council

After I revealed last month Wigan Council's Chief Executive telling staff that they are Vampires, Sleep Walkers or Cheer Leaders I can also now reveal more shocking news how staff are treated.

Now if you are told that if you are a sleep walker or Vampire go and work for St Helens Council then asked to fill out how you rate the Council you wouldn't be shocked that most people would put a positive comments down, fearing for your job.

Recently Wigan Council has been voted somewhere as the best Council to work for. In the press release from the Press dept there were comments from staff and how Wigan Council. Now you wouldn't expect if someone asked you to write your comments down for a press release praising the Council you would write anything but a positive spin on it. However not even that is good enough for the Council.

Because of the Vampire Story here I have now been contacted by staff who are telling me that the Council are now getting the press office to write how great the Council is and then going to Staff member asking them to sign them. Yet more bullying of staff! Shocking but not surprising.

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