Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I have been rumbled.......

I started this blog years ago. It was a way of communicating with people. I knew that not everybody bought the papers. I knew it was impractical to print a leaflet every week with what things I had been doing, things that were coming up and things that mattered.

At first I was unsure if people read it then I realised that there is a tool to look at numbers of readers. I was averaging up to about 1000 hits per month. Not knowing if this was good or bad I carried on. 

I think the first time I was stopped about the blog was when I was out with friends one night years ago. A man approached me towards the end of the night in an old drinking haunt, the dog and partridge, and asked if I was that Cllr that did that blog? I went on and said yes. The gentleman shock my hand and said please to meet you. He went on to explain that he lived in Standish and also a soldier who was recently back from Afghanistan and how he, and others, would read my blog over there. We exchanged some more words and then at the end I thanked him for coming over and saying Hi.

Over the years the blog has grown and reaches now up to 9000 hits per month but it's the people who comment on it that I know it is worth it. We have just recently just done a newsletter for the ward and when I have met people and said some of the things happening a lot say, I know - I read it on your blog. Cllr George Fairhurst gets the same response, we read about it on Gareth'sblog.

Also a feature on the blog is where people can leave comments. Prior to comments appearing online they are checked for foul and inappropriate language. I get the usual political apponents name calling me, bless - hi Neil . Also it is another way for people to send messages and just recently someone sent a comment in and said they follow the blog, and have done for some time, and if a certain film was my favourite? The reason they ask is because I have periodically slip a line or two into my blogs over the years from the film. The answer to them, yes it is one of my favourite. You also asked something else. Please get back in touch with your details and I will answer the other question and thanks for the support.


  1. Always read the blog. Don't always agree with your views but then it would be strange if I did agree with everything. Keep it up. It is appreciated.

  2. I agree,keep the truth coming,the only place we can truly believe in


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