Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pre Election period

We all know the elections are coming and this year it seems to be going on for ever. Reason for this many of the main parties started talking about elections on Jan 2. Historically it is normally either the Tory's or Labour who will be the Government, since 2010 when we got the first coalition Government for decades people are now clearly thinking of more than the 2 main parties.

UKIP nationally are hitting both the Tories and Labour but will it be enough. Last year was the European elections and with UKIP being a one issue party and with it being the European elections as well then you would have thought if UKIP would make a break through then that would be the year. Whilst they got some significant numbers they didn't win a single seat in Wigan nor did they get close to scare Labour. This year with it being the General Elections there is more issues than just Europe being discussed. Therefore I feel that UKIP will not get the numbers they even got last year.

In the general elections Labour always win in Wigan but this year it is local elections too. These are even more important this year because a number of powers are being transferred from Westminster to Council's within Greater Manchester. This is called Devo Manc. Labour are arguing with themselves over this issue as the Labour Leader on Wigan Council wants to be the first Mayor of Greater Manchester who will hold these new powers but the Labour MP does not want this to happen without a referendum for the people. To be fair to her we have said the same thing and we welcome her agreeing with us on this important matter.

The Tories have announced their candidate for the General Election and I am sure that their vote will go down because they tried to put out spin saying that she was a local girl form Standish and an international lawyer. Like we have many international law firms in Wigan. On internet forums people are now saying that is renting in Standish just for the elections and once after the election will go back down south. Also her first pictures of her in Wigan with a flat cap. It si clear that is what she thinks of people in Wigan that we all wear flat caps.

Labour's candidate and sitting MP Lisa Nandy has put out a leaflet and many people are saying that it says nothing and that it is clear that she is just fishing to see who voted for her and Labour in 2010 and to see if they can catch them again. That way they will try and win the local elections. Given that in 2010 Labour won and then their Cllr fiddled her expenses and now is in jail people in standish will not be fooled again.

I am sure the as soon as the elections is officially called then more will come out.

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