Friday, 6 March 2015

Do you want to get involved?

With the elections coming up shortly many people get more interested in the issue. Many people would love to help and be part of a campaign. With many people they don't for a number of reasons, they don't know what they can do. They don't want to give too much time up. They don't know how to get involved.

We will be fielding candidates for the local elections in Standish, Shevington, Aspull and Wigan Central.

In Standish we have the sitting Councillor position, which we are going to try and keep. this will be Cllr George Fairhurst who is up for re-election. In terms of what people can do here they can simple display a poster in their window. Deliver leaflets in their street. Help campaigning. you can help as little or as much as you want.

In the Three other seats we are hoping to take these off Labour. Shevington we came second last year and this is a strong seat we will be fighting and the same positions as in Standish are available here too.

Wigan Central we have an excellent candidate who has chosen to fight an election for the first time and they have in the past helped with our campaigns and they know what is involved and now they want to have a go. given that we had a Cllr in the past we will be fighting this seat hard.

Last year we had Janet who stood for the first time and did an excellent job and she was new to it all but wanted to try and make a difference in her area.

Should you wish to help in any way please get in touch

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on board.

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