Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cheerleader, Sleepwalker or Vampire

I am hearing that Wigan Council's hierarchy are telling staff in listening in sessions that they, the staff, fall into one of the three category's.

The three category's are a Cheerleader, Sleepwalker and Vampire.

If you are a Vampire you are negative and not doing your job and sucking the blood out of the Council. If you are a Sleep walker you turn up for work, do your job and go home. The last category is a Cheerleader, where you do your work and shout from the roof top how good the Council are.

Staff are then told if you are a Vampire or a sleepwalker then Wigan Council isn't the place for them and they should instead go and work at St. Helens Council. To me that shows a complete lack of respect for St.Helens Council.

This is very worrying and shows and demonstrate bullying and intimidation towards staff. I believe the matter has been raised at the Unison annual Meeting and they voted for the unions write a letter to the press about the matter because they can't complain to the Council, because they will then be seen as a Vampire.

The issue is serious for another reason because should a hard working and well respected member of staff have a serious concern and wants to raise it they now can't because they will be seen again as a Vampire. Given the ruthless cuts that Wigan Council are carrying our people are worried about their jobs.

Given that over 75% of Staff are women and they are being treated in this way, it goes to show the hypocritical Council Wigan is, especially seeing as they say they want to empower women with their new #BelieveinHer Campaign.

One member of staff who has told be about CSV (Cheerleader, Sleepwalker, Vampire) says all the council are concerned with is PR and saying how great they are. If the Council get the their job right they wouldn't have to do all the PR and wasting taxpayers money!

99.99% of staff are hard working and they have complete support, this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in Wigan!

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  1. Never heard the categories quite described as the one Wigan Council are using but it's a fairly well known 'management tool' - google "attitude bell curve"


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