Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Big Spring Clean. The Line, Standish.

Today the Standish Independent Cllrs organised in Standish the Spring clean that Wigan Council and Keep Britain Tidy started.

This was were the Council asked the ward Cllrs in each of the 25 wards to organise a big spring clean in their respective wards. Not being a political issue most wards, I understand, took part and Cllrs from most Wards did something in their area.

For us we decided to do a litter pick along the Line starting off at Almond Brook Hotel and walking down the Line to wards School Lane end. I have to say how disappointed I was with the amount of Litter along the route. Because of the shear volume of litter and the number of volunteers we were only able to get to half way down the side of Standish High School. After 3.5 hours we called it a day and I want to say a big huge thank you to Ray, John, Doris, TJ and Hannah who turned up and worked incredibly hard to make a dent in it.

I wanted to say in my report that we picked up everything but the kitchen sink but as you can see from the pictures someone had even dumped one of those along the line with a chair.

Something that was asked was can we have bins along the route and that way we would not have to do this. Because this is a dirty path where no vehicles come along the Council vans would not be able to get there. However, I do believe that there could be a number of strategic places where bins could be placed near or next to a road so that the council operatives could service the bins. We, as your ward Cllrs, will be speaking with the Council to try and get these.

Going forward it may be a case that we organise another litter pick to try and start where we finished and move along and try and get to the School Lane end. As many dog walkers, bike riders and resident discussed may things with us along the way and it was great to meet them too,
Mr Ray Chan - true Gentleman and truly nice guy

Should you want to get involved in the next litter pick please let me know.

Once again Big Thank you to the helpers, Bitchell Skips and Wigan Council for making this happen.

Skip with litter that we collected along the Line - chair and sink as well.



  1. Disgusting on the field near the school. It accumulates over summer when scores of teenagers arrive with bags full of food (mainly in Lidl bags) and have nowhere to put the rubbish. They obviously can't be bothered to take it home and so dump it.

    The most worrying thing is the amount of cans. As a dog walker, I try and remove these where possible but the amount of leftover shards of metal when the mower has been round is horrendous. An accident waiting to happen.

    If no bins are provided, it's only going to happen again. Maybe we can add a few bins to go with the 1000 houses?

  2. I too am a dog walker and am concerned at:
    1) The increasing amounts of litter and
    2) The culprits who couldn't give a damn as to how unsightly the area can quickly become.

    I, along with a few other dog walkers who I have spoken to recently, am keen to make a stand and help clean up the mess.

    Hopefully Gareth will announce another 'clean' soon and keep us posted as to the Council's plans (if any) to provide litter bins or other refuse collection points along the 'line' and around the playing field for the benefit of all.

  3. Ray, we will announce one soon yes. Thanks for all your help and support. People like you make a big difference.


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