Saturday, 28 March 2015

Business turns against Labour for Election.

Labour have now got a new enemy for the election - Big Business. The Financial Times have interviewed 20 chairmen or Chief Executive's from the FT100. companies. These companies are the largest companies of the stock market in the UK.

In the main these business leaders are worried if Labour gets elected and then are propped up by the SNP. The words that they say is that a socialist and separatist agenda would be a serious concern, then that would become a concern. Should that happen that would then mean that business's might not come to the UK or leave the UK.

When Scotland had the referendum for "in out" we saw how much, towards the end, that Big Business's came out and said stay in the UK, and that was the outcome. So if Big Business now start to come out and campaign against Labour because of the link up between Labour and the SNP that could effect the chances of labour getting elected.

What's the answer? The only answer is that Labour must not allow the SNP to take their seats in Scotland. If the polls started showing that the SNP would have no influence then that could stop big business campaigning against Labour. Also if the Conservative pulled away in the polls that too could stop the big business's getting involved.

On the SNP they lost the referendum but yet Labour have allowed them to take Scotland by storm. For me this is because Labour took their eye of the ball and just looked at Westminster.

Back to the issue on big business getting involved the issue of the SNP having a say in Westminster would mean that they will not only back the Conservatives but also they will help fund the Tories, which again would be a problem for Labour if the Tories got even more more to campaign harder than them.

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