Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Car Parking in Standish

Since the launch of the new Aldi store in Standish, many residents have been contacting us over the fact that the signs say that the car park is for customers only.

Historically residents have used it and there have been talk that there is a covenant on saying that when Gateway opened the Car park on the right was for non customers. I have spoken to someone close to the talks at that time and it was the case that when Gateway was first proposed then the local business's objected to it. To reduce the objection Gateway said that non customers could use it. However, this doesn't seem to have been put in writing.

So we are now in the area where we don't want to be and not able to use the car park. However, after many residents contacted us and Standish Independents Cllr George Fairhurst, who first spoke with Aldi regional office last November 10th, got on the phone with the regional office again and told them of the issues and Aldi have kindly said that they will allow non customers to park for up to 90 mins as well as their customers. I guess many people will call in and do some shopping there and it will help their business too.

It's good that Aldi have said this will be the case and as long as this is not abused then we shouldn't have any problems and as a Community we can all work together.

Thank you goes to Cllr George Fairhurst who first thought about the issue last November and secured the parking with Aldi and now they have confirmed in an email to him this afternoon the position. Great to know that he, as well as the other two Standish Independents Cllrs are working hard for Standish.

Hopefully this clears up the situation.


  1. Standish Voice are claiming Aldi have given permission for free parking for 3 hours - which is right?

  2. Standish voice, really who are they ? A group that's main aim is to work with developers and develop a plan that will take 2 yrs. in the day to day stuff it's the Cllrs the ones that are elected by 000's not just a handful.

    Rebecca you know my dad and what he does. He has been speaking with Aldi since the 10 Nov and he likes to do things face to face or over the phone . However, I did say to get it in writing as others where claiming all sorts of stuff. The email arrived right on time and it says 90 mins. To be fair there wa some confusion if they could extend to 2 hours but in the end Aldi said 90mins.

  3. Gareth, thank you for that.

    We've had quite a few customers under the impression Aldi is offering 3 hours free parking but I'll make sure staff know to mention it is limited to 90 minutes and the part George has played in that.

  4. Rebecca thanks for that. I thought it was important to a) get it in writing and b) as ward cllrs just to update people as we don't want them getting tickets for going over the 90 mins and also then that could jeopardise this offer from aldi and they could stop it.

    Thanks for helping inform people of the 90 mins and my dads involvement. The former is the most important thing.

  5. Gareth, no problem whatsoever, you're right to get it in writing and then you're sure the info you're giving is correct.

    The 3 hour free parking, which Standish Voice has publicised quite heavily, seems to have been taken as fact so unfortunately it would seem quite a few local residents may be getting a ticket.

    Speaking from experience any offer of free parking will be abused but time will tell... I can only hope.


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