Saturday, 7 March 2015

TV debates and who will deal with who?

With all the rumblings that are ongoing with the General Election it seems to be some issues are being missed.

For one the media, in my opinion, they are making too much of these TV debates and how will do what and who wouldn't. Cameron said he wouldn't do them in the election period and he will do only do one with 7 others then that’s it. When that is making the first headlines on the news over policy, what is really happening in this Country? It is clear that the media has their own agenda, we want to control the politicians and what they do and when. I’m not Cameron’s biggest fan but after the Leveson debates that said the media had it too cosy with politicians. The media should report what Cameron will do and end off. People will make their own minds up about it, but let’s get back to what is important.

Whilst we are on the TV debates I just want to touch on that all and sundry are going on them apart from someone representing independents’ Granted they could not talk about a policy because each candidate is on their own, but when they are polling some bigger numbers than some of the other people on there then there is argument that someone fights for them. For me if there were any TV debates it shouldn't be made up of all these people, just the main two, possibly three.

What should be more important and all the leaders should answer and say this. If there is a coalition who are your preferred coalition partner, and if which policy’s would you not negotiated on? Why is this important because I know in Wigan there will be some Labour voters who would not vote for them if they go into a grand coalition with the Tories and would be dismayed if that happened. People should know who they would go into coalition with and what bits they would demand. Also this would stop the Lib Dem effect of last time because how many people would have voted for them had they said if it is a coalition we will go in the Tories and we will drop the tuition fees policy? That’s why it is important that they say would they would deal with.

Another reason for this because there is now talk that the Tories and Labour will do a Grand Coalition whereby they will go into together so that gets at the SNP, who are taking votes off Labour in Scotland and then UKIP, who are taking votes off the Tories in the south. Question would be how mad would strong Labour voters in Wigan be if that happened?

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