Friday, 20 March 2015

Made me mad.

I have done a bit of a recky today for the litter pick tomorrow and it is worse than first thought. I have  even seen a kitchen sink that someone has dumped on the line. Why? So I know where the worst parts are but what has made me really mad is that there a small number of dirty, lazy scumbags hang the dog poo bags off trees. What I don't get and can't understand is why?

Obviously, the easiest thing would be to leave the dog poop but that would be irresponsible, so the responsible thing would be to pick the poop up. And the vast majority do, although I do recognise that the footpaths are getting worse. But then a small number of people that pick the dog poop up, bag it, and then hang it off the trees. Whilst walking down the line I saw this all over.

Question, why do people do this? I mean they have done the hard part and picked it up and bagged it. How much harder is it to carry it to the next bin or home and dispose of it there?  What do people think will happen when they hang it off the trees a magic bird will come down and untie it and fly away with it? Who or what do they think will clean it up after them?

This is a form of littering and people that get caught doing it can be fined, I am lead to believe and I hope that Wigan Council tackle this issue as it is just laziness.

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