Monday, 30 March 2015

And we're off........

Over the time of this parliament there has been numerous things going on but one thing that has changed is the time a parliament lasts. Historically, it was always left to the sitting Prime Minster to decide when they called the General Election. But in this parliament a new law came in, The Fix-Term Parliaments Act 2011. This now makes the term of our parliament to last 5 years. This law was agreed as part of the coalition between the Conservative and Lib Dems.

As part of that law all MP's ended being a MP last night. Currently, we have none as Country. The Prime Minister has now asked the Queen to call an election, an constitutional process and formality. David Cameron will stay as the Prime Minister, but does not have the letters MP after his name, nor does anyone else because at midnight last night under the new law all MP's were no longer MP's at midnight last night.

The Queen will keep her ministers in their posts as the Country still needs to be run while we have this election.

So now what? Carnage! People will get asked to support a political party or candidate but do the majority of people already know this. Can views change? Polls suggest another coalition. Does that mean people don't want one party to run the Country? Have they been happy over the last 5 yrs at a coalition Government? Probably not. Nobody votes for two or more parties. 

Currently a lot of Scottish issues are decided in the Scottish parliament but English MP's can't vote for them but yet Scottish MP's can vote for ones that effect English law. Now if some of the polls are to be trusted and the SNP get a lot of MP's and are able to prop up Labour then the English will be run by Scottish MP's. This will probably, in my opinion, start the separatist issue off again and the English will push to get rid of Scotland. SNP get their way even though the SNP were defeated in the in out vote. So it would be probably be best for those that voted to stay in the UK in Scotland not to vote for SNP, because if they do become the King Makers of the next parliament then there could be a back lash from England being run by Scotland. 

One thing that is a fact - uncertainty will be the norm now for the next 38 days. Hopefully after that we can have certainty, but we can't be certain of that nether. 

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