Monday, 2 March 2015

Where is the equality? Why not to support #believe in her campaign.

Wigan Council are launching today believe in her. This campaign is to be against sexism and empower woman. It has been launched also just before international women day. How patronising to women!

The issue is, why I don't refute that sexism and discrimination might go on in places, I think it would be fair to say that thank fully it is on a decline, everyone should be treated equally and also empowered and not just women. Where was Wigan's Council's Believe in Him campaign and to be fair had they done that I would have been equally enraged. If they have to waste millions of hard working Wigan Taxpayers' money then it should be in a #believeinyou. Every man, woman, young, old, black white, able or disabled should equally matter.

In fact if I said to you that if Wigan Council employed 3 men for every woman then there would be an outcry of discrimination by the PC brigade. However, I can reveal that Wigan Council in fact employ over 3 women for every one man. Why's no one shouting that it should be 50/50?

For the record for me it should not be about how many men, women, blacks or whites people have but that employers should be able to employ the best person for the job. In fact I saw a refreshing tweet from a young female on twitter who had seen a job that actively encouraged young, female and people of ethnics minority to apply for a role. Tell you what how discriminated is a white working man is. However, the young Female had complained that if she got a job she wanted to know that she got the job because she was the best candidate for the job and not because she was a woman or young etc and I say good on her. It's with attitudes like that that will empower people. I hope she goes far in her career as because with that kind of mind set she is a naturally leader for me.


  1. It's not often I agree with you, Gareth, but I do on this.

    As the mother of two sons, 19 and 17, I wonder how Wigan Council are hoping to inspire them to achieve with this campaign?

    Surely they should be encouraging all residents, regardless of gender and regardless of age, to strive to be the best they can be.

  2. Thanks for that. I do firmly believe that positive discrimination has a negative effect and we should encourage all to do the best they can. Also I again firmly believe that these kind of campaigns patronise the people that they claim to support.

  3. Positive discrimination has no place in society, in my opinion. It demeans the achievements of those who may have benefitted from it by suggesting that had they "competed" fairly and openly with the opposite gender they would have lost - it's a hollow victory and not one I would ever be happy to accept.

    Do I consider I can do my job as well as a man could? Yes I do because I believe in ME and I don't need my local council to patronise me and suggest I need extra help because I'm female or that I should extend a helping hand to my fellow females.

    When I interview candidates for a job vacancy, I judge each one on their own merits and would never disregard one simply because they were the 'wrong' gender.


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