Friday, 27 March 2015

Drug Raid on house in Standish.

This morning I am hearing that Police raided a house near Ashfield. It is being reported that there were police and they brought out about 40 - 50 cannabis plants. We believe the Police made a number of arrests too.

I wouldn't name the person for legal reasons but also I believe it is the policy of GMP to destroy any growing equipment on site.

Scene of the Raid earlier today.
I am a firm believe in hitting drug dealers and suppliers hard and go after their assets. I have asked the police for a comment on the matter and awaiting one from them. As soon as we get it we will update you.

Drugs as been a growing problem  in Standish and we have been noticing a higher rate of people dealing and these have been passed over to the police. On the clean up we noticed near Standish High school wraps as they are called near the corner of the back field and reported that.

As always any information on drug users and dealers in Standish please let the police know.

Wigan West Facebook page says 3 adults arrest and large number of plants. Also 3 people have been released on bail pending further inquiry's.


  1. We live on Cedar Ave and have noticed the whiff of canabis when the wind is right for several years now, maybe it was from this.

  2. I guess if the smell stops now it would have been John. I hope they throw the book at drug dealers and suppliers.

  3. I live Ashfield off the Cranleigh estate but don't recognise this street, what street is it ?

  4. It's the street just off ashfield park drive going to ashfield house. Is it called ashfield gardens, I think.


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