Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Hustings arranged

After the farce that happened tonight, a new hustings has been arranged.  Tonight there should have been a hustings, were candidates are asked questions by the public, in Pemberton but as a previous post on here confirmed Labour ducked out of it and forced to get the event cancelled. People in Pemberton were outraged that Labour hold them in so little disregard.

Tonight the UKIP Parliamentary candidate has booked the Newtown Workings Men Club. this will be for next Tuesday 21 April at 7.30pm. Myself, the UKIP candidate and the Green candidate were all outraged that Labour can cancel an event, hence agreeing to put out differences to one side for the purpose of democracy agree to hold our own event.

All candidates will be invited to attend and should any one chicken out they will be empty chaired.

The format has now been agreed. The candidates will have a set number of minutes to have their say. I think that it will work out to be about 8 mins each, depending on the number of candidates that agree to attend. Then the second part will be were the chair will table written questions to the candidates. Why written questions? This will be so that the same question is not repeated to allow a more range of questions, issues and topics to be asked about.

People will be able to write their questions either before they attend or at the start of the meeting.

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