Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne had previously signed a letter that appeared in the FT, Financial Times. This was backing the Conservative's economic plan. Today he has tweeted that he likes a Labour Non Dom policy.

Some media outlets were going a bit mad thinking that he has now switched side but for me he was agreeing with individual policy's. So I merely tweeted him as some media was saying we must get him on Camera, like they were on a witch hunt for him.

Here is my tweet.

@DuncanBannatyne U signed Business page in @FT for @Conservatives . Now @UKLabour #nondom policy. R u a floating voter who will u back as PM
— cllrgarethfairhurst(@cllrgwfairhurst) April 8, 2015

He later tweeted back and cleared it up and stopped the media hysteria.

@cllrgwfairhurst @FT @Conservatives @UKLabour still floating mate. Still floating
— Duncan Bannatyne(@DuncanBannatyne) April 8, 2015

I guess it proves that people haven't made their minds up how they are voting for. Also demonstrates no one party has all the answers.

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