Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Standing up to Bullies and trolls. Also issue over pictures.

Many that follow me on social media or on the Council at times I am not afraid to speak my mind nor attack bullies or trolls.


I will first address Trolls and bullies

Currently we are in election mode and yes you expect more of an interest from the General Public because they want to make an informed choice on who to vote for. Also when you get that increase you also get an increase from nutters, fruit cakes and trolls. Many famous people or politicians get abuse from random people and some may say don't respond, ignore it or they will go away. That is fine if that works for them. For me these trolls or fruit cakes and nutters who just want to name call for the sake of it or in my case they are political opponents and their supporters trying to make me or the members in the party I belong to bad. My response is I am not going to shy away from these idiots. I take it to them and in a lot of cases after a while they shut up and go and do what ever they do but I make no apology for attacking back. These people are bullies and we always teach people to stand up to bullies and that is what I do.

Recently a political opponent who has said we have lied on an election leaflet, which is a criminal offence. Rather than trying to ignore it I took it to the Police to see if we have broke the law. Police response is that it is fine and a political statement. Now they will find themselves in trouble with the law for their offences and that is not for me to comment on as their is a police investigation on going against them now.


We also have to accept that when ever you stand for what ever party you get attacked it goes with the job, rightly or wrongly. However we have been asked why I, and now other members of my party, don't have our pictures on the Website of the Council. Back in 2006 Labour's Cllr at the time Joe Shaw, who was later found to be guilty of child porn offences and gun offences, got hold of my picture from the Council and then manipulated it. I believe this was with the help of the Council. Once I showed the picture and what Labour did the then head of Legal Services helped to work with us. What she did on behalf of the Council was transfer all the copyright of all pictures of me that are in the ownership to myself. In hindsight we should all have done that but we didn't. Now this election Labour have gotten hold of an electronic pic from the council of Cllr GA Fairhurst to manipulate that for their election leaflets. So we have taken all pics of and in dialogue with the Council about the matter and hopefully, just like in 2006 we can resolve it without going to court or legal action. I can't see why the Council and our members can't do that to be fair.

After the election we will supply the Council of pictures that have a watermark and cannot be manipulated and then also ones that we own the copyright too. That way should any one try to reproduce the pics we will sue them directly. It is a shame that simple things have to be protected this way but when you are dealing with Labour you can see why you have to do this when they do what they do.


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