Sunday, 19 April 2015

Shevington Parish Council

Not many people know or realise that should you live in Shevington Moor, Appley Bridge or Shevington that you have a Parish Council. Not many will know that you pay extra. And never have you been asked if you want either or both.

The Parish Council is split into 3 Wards which are North Ward, which is Shevington Moor and down to just past the first Mini Roundabout on Old Lane. Then after that it is the South Ward. The third Ward is West Ward which is Appley Bridge.

People are finding out that they pay extra and don't know what for. The feel angry that they are not consulted on things and issues.

The Shevington Independents are fielding 8 candidates for the 9 places on the Parish Council. Each ward has 3 PC Cllrs. Should they get 5 Parish Councillors, or more, then they promise to hold a referendum on whether people want a parish council or not. They will also get a say in issues that concern them, like the land at Orica, which the Parish Council bought. One thing that the other candidates and their supporters say that should the Shevington independents win they will sell the land. That will not happen, guaranteed. We aim to, should the people want too, keep it like it is for the residents to enjoy. Should they want to turn it into a sports complex and they can draw a plan up where by they run it and it doesn't cost the people any money and residents are happy with that, that will be another option for them. The key to this is the Shevington Independents will return the power back to the people.

The other candidates in Shevington are refusing to allow people the choice on whether they keep this. Even the Labour Leader on Wigan Council, which is normally unheard off, agreed with myself saying that Parish councils are bureaucratic and shouldn't be in place.

It's time for the people of Shevington to take the control back and their decide their future.

When you vote for the Parish Councillors it is important that you know that you have 3 votes on that ballot paper
For the North Ward our candidates are Angie Bland, Joe Whitter and Ken Shaw. Please vote for all three.
For the South Ward we have just 2 candidates, Roy Bridge and Joe Calderbank. Please vote for these two only.
Finally for the West Ward you have Jean Fletcher, Debbie Fairhurst and myself. Please vote for all three on your ballot paper.

If you want to ask a question on the issue please either email me at or leave a comment and I will get back to you.


  1. So presumably, following your logic and comments, if your people take control of The Parish Council, you will abolish it at the first meeting ?
    Surely anything else would be unsatisfactory ?
    Or have I misunderstood ?
    Please respond ,as a resident of Shevington I really need to understand this

  2. No you are not correct. Should we take control the first meeting we will set the wheels in motion to hold a referendum so that the people of Shevington can decide whether they want to keep it or not.

  3. Did Joe Calderbank get inat the parish election


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