Monday, 20 April 2015

Foreign interventions and issues.

When it comes to Foreign Issues, if elected, one thing that you will be able to rely on me to do is not vote to go into a War just for Oil. I would support any action to protect the shores of this Land. Also should that vote be asked, then I would want to see an exit strategy too. These are important.
As many will have seen on the news over the weekend,thousands of migrants are trying to cross from Libya to Italy to come to Europe. Hundreds are dying in trying. These people will be made up of both migrants, that want to come here to work or claim benefits, another issue for another day, the other people will be Asylum Seekers, who are fleeing war torn countries.
If we look at Libya, Colonel Gaddafi, was not a nice guy and had many crimes against him. However, he was coming in from the cold and being less of a threat. The change for me was to move them in a progressive, word of the moment if you listen to all the rhetoric from the main stream parties, way. But we went in with France guns ho and brought him down. Did that make the people of Libya better off? Have we seen things move forward for the region? No not at all, we went in with a purpose of getting rid of him but yet we had no plan once we had done the job. This was the same for Iraq. In we went with Bush’s lot and got rid of him. Is the region safer? Are people’s lives better? Again no! Turmoil and chaos is what we have brought to the people in those countries. Afghanistan was one area where we did need to go into. Whilst not pretty there was some kind of plan to try and move the Country back to some kind of stability.
Now we have EU leaders falling out how to tackle the issue of 0000’s of people in boats coming from Libya to Italy. All what I have heard is just trying to react to the symptoms and not driving at the cause, which are the traffickers back in Libya. With no stable Government in either the East or West then these people are free to exploit them. And all this is possible because we went in with no exit plan.
It needs tough measures on the people that are exploiting the situation and these people and then also when we see boats in the sea coming to Italy they should do what they do down under, which I accept is controversial, and turn the boats back. If people know this, they may think twice. If they think that the coast guard will pick them up and take them to Italy then we all know what will happen, more will come because it just got safer for them.

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