Friday, 10 April 2015

Candidates for Standish Local Elections.

The names of the candidates for Standish have now been released by Wigan Council..

Here is the list.


FAIRHURST - Standish Independents
George Allan

HOLDEN - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

PARKINSON - Labour Party

WHITTINGHAM - The Conservative Party Candidate

No surprises here but possible the Trade Union party is a bit strange. Last yr they got 56 votes, not really worth it.

It is interesting that the last Conservative Cllr has been out trying to canvas for the Tory Candidate. As one resident said to us. She has some brass neck. First she rips us off by claiming expenses she was entitled to and then comes round asking to vote Tory. We told her to sling her hook. Obviously the Tory's not going down well after their vile leaflet that they put out. As another resident said the Tory's are ripping up green belt and green open spaces all over the place and still they ask for our vote. They have lost touch and just in it for themselves. Interesting comment.

On a positive note Cllr George Fairhurst has gone down well that he is standing again and the people just love him all over Standish. One resident said today that he has helped us enormously and that's why I am telling everyone to vote for him.

It is obvious that the Tory's and Labour are hoping that our voters stay at home thinking that we always win but with a General Election as well every vote matters.

As a reminder here is a true representative chart that shows the result last yr and it is only Standish Independents that can keep Labour out.

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