Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Devo Manc

Here is a clip about the important of Devo Manc

Labour are falling out publically on this issue and they have not said what they would do, should they win the General Election and/ or form the next Government. The Labour leader on Wigan Council, has publically called Wigan's MP and said she should keep her nose out and she has said that it is wrong that the people have not had their say. I agree. If a Labour MP has no influence in the Labour Party locally why should she be the MP?

This is an important issue and the people must have their voice allowed to speak and also heard.

If elected i would ask the Government to allow the people of Wigan and Greater Manchester their say. Also I would say before any more powers are transferred to an unelected Mayor the people should be consulted and have their say.

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